The Family Game is a fun, interactive game filled with questions you create!

The Family Game is your own personal, unique game filled with questions that you create and submit. You can fill your own game with family history questions, funny questions, or any other type of question that you and your family will enjoy. Then you can give friends and family access to play your game anywhere they have the Internet and a computer.

The Family Game is a turn-based game, and is laid out like a board game. Choose up to 4 players or teams, give them names and pick their game pieces.

Then each person or team gets to take turns answering the questions that you submitted for your game.

If a player or team answers their question correctly they get to spin the wheel and their piece will move that number of spaces. If you answer incorrectly you don't get to spin and the next player or team gets to try and answer a question.

Each question is multiple-choice with four possible answers to choose from. The best part, every time you play your game the questions and answer choices will be randomized to give you a new game experience each time you play. To win, a player or team has to make it to last space of the game. With lose-a-turn spaces and free-spins throughout the game it is a fun activity that everyone will enjoy playing together.

You can find much more information below in the links, and if you have questions fill out our contact form.