About The Family Game

The Family Game is a custom game filled with 100+ unique questions that you create. It is flash based which means that it will work on practically any computer. To access your game, all you have to do is open any browser and enter in your custom URL that we supply you once your game is complete, that's it!

Getting Started

To get started, visit our "Tips and Info for Creating Questions" page for information about how to submit your questions, along with tips and example questions. Once you have your questions together you are ready to purchase your game. To purchase your game visit our "Buy Your Game!" page. Once we receive your questions and payment you will receive your custom URL to your game in 2-3 business days.

What You Get

When you purchase the basic package of The Family Game you can have up to 100 questions installed. At anytime you wish you can purchase packages of 50 questions to add to your game. Also with every purchase you will receive any updates to the gameplay and bug fixes automatically at no extra cost.

All information about pricing can be found on the "Buy Your Game!" page.

What's Next

We are always finding new ways to bring you the best interactive, group games available. Soon we will be updating The Family Game to be available on mobile devices. Anyone that has purchased the game will receive this free update when it becomes available. Also to come, we will be bringing out some new games that will be fun for many different events. Some games that will be coming shortly are "The Friends Game" and "The Homework Game", more information will be emailed to anyone who has already purchased a copy as well as our facebook page.