Tips and Info for Creating Great Game Questions

The Family Game allows for 100 questions but that doesn't mean that this is all you may have, you can also purchase your game with 150 or 200 questions. Plus, extra packs of 50 questions can be purchased at anytime and added to your game.

Question Layout and Submission Info

When submitting your questions for your own game, follow this format:

And repeat this process for all questions.

It doesn't matter the order of questions or answers since the game will randomize the questions and answers every time you play the game. The only thing that matters is that you put the question first followed immediately by the correct answer and then the three incorrect answers. Keep your questions in any text document or simply write them down, then when purchasing you can paste or type your questions into the purchase form on this site.

Question Creating Tips and Info

1. The first tip for creating your questions is to keep them short. It is important to cut the question and answer down to about one sentence if possible. If there is any questions submitted that might be too lengthy we will contact you regarding it.

2. All questions for The Family Game are multiple-choice and must have one correct answer and three incorrect answers. So when submitting your questions, be sure to follow the template above.

3. Don't put any time sensitive questions into your game. It’s a good idea to avoid any questions where the answer may change over time. For example, if you were to put a question in that says "Where does (someone’s name) live?” you would want to change it to "Where did (someone’s name) live, as of (year)?” Putting "as of" ensures that the answer you submit will stay true over time.

4. Questions don't have to be all about your family. Remember that this is your game and you can put any questions you'd like into it. Random funny questions, historic questions, and educational questions can help to make your game more enjoyable.

Example Questions

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